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Well I have been enjoying the spirit of fall. I love this time of the year because my crafty and creative side comes out (to show off, of coarse) and transforms this season from dreary to delicious.

On my list for this season:
1) My sons totally awesome Mine Craft birthday cake
2) Rendering his GIANT pumpkin down- by the way, just to get an idea of how giant this pumpkin is, 1/2 filled two 9x13's and one big soup pot. This alone is enough for about eight pumpkin pies.
3) Mushroom hunting- that will be going on and on, until the end of February, or later.
4) Pumpkin seeds and "pumpkin chips". (my own culinary invention, which sounds disgusting, but is so good, sweet and salty!)
5) Knitting hats, and making gifts for Christmas
6) Sewing
7) Cowboy Chili! Ernest Borgnine's, Denver Pyle, Gene Autry and Charlie Daniels recipes are some of the many I want to try.
8) Mushroom recipes are always things I want to try.

Well so far that is what I have, but I know I will doing more, because I can't resist.
 Two Ways to Render Pumpkin:
For either way you must cut the pumpkin into manageable pieces. Then you have to clean out the guts and seeds.. save these (water and salt them), I have a recipe for them.
Cut into chunks and boil until you can stick a fork into them
Places the pieces flesh-side down in a 13x9 or other baking dish, with two inches of water. Cover with foil and bake at  350 until soft.

Either way, let the pumpkin cool until you can handle it. Scrape the flesh from the rind and either mash it in a bowl with a potato masher, or put it into a blender.

Separate into zip block bags (I use frosting containers) and freeze until you need to use it.

PM me for the seeds, and pumpkin chip recipe if your interested.

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